• Handle all marketing, showings, application process, and move in process.

  • Collect monthly rent services.

  • Monitor rental payments and all collection.

  • Handle all court paperwork and apperances and resolve problems.

  • Handle all phone calls, tenancy challenges.

  • Prepare monthly financial statements.

  • Keep great communication with owner.

  • Provide owner with all documentation for tax purposes and requirements.

  • Provide 24-hour emergency maintenance service.

  • All property showings.

  • All marketing, including listing property on realtor.

  • MLS website.

  • Process rental application with a credit check, rental references and Job references.

  • Present results of application to owner.

  • Lease preparation and obtain tenant’s signatures.

  • Handle move in process including, move in, inspection, providing keys, collection first month’s rent, and security deposit.

  • Provide owner with complete organized folder of all application paperwork and lease agreement.




Full Management Services- For management services, our fee is 10% of the monthly rental amount in addition to the leasing fee.

Non-Management Services- A leasing fee is required for thistype of management, which is the equivalent of one month’s rent.A $150 processing fee payable upon listing property.

"It’s not how big the house is, 

it’s how happy the home is."


I am fueled by my passion for property management. I have 15 years of experience that provides me with the knowledge to guarantee you will make the most from your investment. I know how to meet your operational needs while maximizing tenant satisfaction. I am a proficient salesperson and am adept at using my strong communication, analytical, and interpersonal abilities to solve routine problems, handle emergencies, and continuously contract new residents to fill vacancies. I am extremely knowledgeable of the Tenant Landlord Code and all fair housing laws. You will gain from my strong business background as well as my experience in property management.