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A statement from the CEO...

Michael A. Hunter

    As a dedicated real estate professional, I believe that service is my top priority. I will go out of my way to get the best results for you. I truly care about you as a person and will be sensitive to your needs and desires. Whether you are buying a new home or selling your current property, you can be sure that I will be committed to helping you reach your goal. Equally important is my pledge of confidentiality. Your business is your business. Period.

     I offer you my time, my energies, my knowledge, and, my availability when you need me.  My philosophy is to serve the needs of every client to the best of my ability and to continue to serve them until they are completely satisfied...

Modern House
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Here at Home Realty our mission is to provides free, confidential housing advice, education and counseling services to help buyers and sellers achieve their goals.

Assists with showing and inspections

Prepares clients on how they can financially qualify for a loan

Help buyers successfully apply for a mortgage

Educate customers on various real estate & property management issues

Unique Services

     We understand that you're making what may be the biggest investment of your life.  And yet, in a typical real estate sale arrangement, most people don't realize that ALL brokers / agents represent the SELLER and the seller only. This meant the agent was legally bound to obtain the best terms and price for the sellers, not you. We enjoy utilizing a fairly uncommon technique where you - the BUYER - can have a seasoned real estate professional on your side. 

     When you enlist Home Realty as your personal buyer's representative, a qualified Home Realty sales associate will work for you, not the sellers. When buying a home, you can be assured that your best interests will be represented. We serve a large list of places so we have a wide selection of option ready for you!


*Serving Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Jamaica *

Our Team

Judy Malcolm


Phone: (404) 838-1234

Email: jmalcolm@homerealtyhuses.com

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Judy is a qualified real estate professional with years of experience and is dedicated to your success.

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Michael A. Hunter


Phone: (302) 690-4144

Email: home_realty@comcast.net

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Michael A Hunter is a qualified real estate professional with years of experience and is dedicated to your success.


John Bean


Phone: (302) 339-1286

Email: guru0742@gmail.com

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John Bean is a qualified real estate professional with years of experience and is dedicated to your success.


Melissa Riley

Property Manager

Phone: (302) 268-7981

Email: issaj517@gmail.com

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Melissa Riley is a professional and experienced property manager with years of experience.